About Us

The items and recipes that are to be implemented on the menu have been tested and proven to be desired and delicious.  Keeping a balance of favorites and specialty items will keep the guest coming back to try new items.  Our showcases will always be full of fresh baked and appetizing pastries while listening to our customers on what they want.  Offering many different types of specialties will be a draw as well. Gift baskets, truffles, and other confectionaries will be offered in the future.

Getting the customer in the habit of coming to Allegretti’s Bakery and Café will be our focus. Building relations in every way is our goal. Get them in for a donut; have them come back for breakfast or lunch.  Have them in for a meal; give them a coupon to try fresh baked goods from the bakery. Then we build on their needs for specialty cakes and desserts. From this point, we get their trust for our catering and private parties. We will be able to sell on-premise catering for showers, birthday and other gatherings after hours. We will also in the future set up off-premise catering for breakfast where we could send cooks to companies and provide onsite meals for their employees.

We will be opening soon in Naperville.

Our Bakery and Café is in need of staff including but not limited to  an assist baker waitresses  counter staff dishwashers and more For more information, you can send us an email: info@allegrettisbakeryandcafe.com

The Bakery is under construction no orders shall be fulfilled at this time. Dismiss